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Welcome to IELTS Nurses by IELTS Medical LTD

Life can be better

Are you an overseas qualified nurse who wants to work as a nurse in the UK?

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Welcome to IELTS Nurses by IELTS Medical LTD

Can we help you?

We've helped many overseas qualified nurses start their first UK job. We can help you too.

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Welcome to IELTS Nurses

It can be very stressful but exciting to start or re-start your nursing career in a new country. New people, new laws, new surroundings, new policies and procedures - there are lots of adjustments to be made in a short time. IELTS Medical makes it easier for you to hit the ground running.

We provide guidance on NMC Registration including:
  • IELTS OR OET classes
  • CBT training
  • OSCE coaching
  • Careers advice

    Would an instant network and tailored guidance be beneficial? Stand on the shoulders of the nurses before you and let us assist you on your journey to success...

  • What do we do for nurses?

    We Are Here For You Every Step of the Way

    IELTS or OET

    Comperehensive and thorough IELTS and Premium OET training.

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    CBT Training

    Guidance through the CBT from a Registered Nurse to help you pass the CBT first time.

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    OSCE Training

    Practical training through the OSCE examination. Guidance through the OSCE from a team of Registered Nurses to help you pass the OSCE first time.

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    Meet Our Specialists

    Registered nurses by your side

    Nurse Winola
    Nurse Winola
    Registered Nurse - NHS
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    Nurse Winola
    Registered Nurse
    Nurse Claire
    Nurse Claire
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    Nurse Claire
    Registered Nurse - Central London

    Our Courses & Fees

    The below fees are offered as a guide budget for each stage.

    • 12.5 hours of IELTS Academic Prep Classes
    • 1 IELTS Level Assessment
    • 4 Mock Tests
    • 2 x One:One Consultation
    • 1 x Official IELTS Exam
    £484.00 book now
    • 8 hours of OET Prep Classes
    • Exclusive prep content
    • 1 Mock Test
    • 2 x One:One Consultation
    • 1 x Official OET Exam
    £548.00 book now
    • Exclusive course designed by Nurses
    • Access to Online Practice
    • CBT Simulation
    • 1:1 Coaching
    • Pastoral Care
    £400.50 book now
    • Practical coaching
    • Based within a major London hospital
    • Small Groups
    • 1:5 Coaching
    • Nurse-led
    £435.00 book now

    What Our Nurses Say

    Our Happy Clients Say the Following About Us


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    Latest NMC News

    News from the profession's regulator (NMC) and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

    OET now accepted by the NMC
    • Admin
    • Nov 01, 2017

    OET now accepted by the NMC

    OET vs IELTS Since the announcement last week, we've been speaking to our nurses to find out their thoughts about the OET vs IELTS. The main thoughts are: The OET is specific to healthcare and the scenarios are familiar, the IELTS exam can be considered random requiring knowledge of a broad range of topic. IELTS is a global exam, available all over the world, but the OET is only available in select locations (including London). The cost of the IELTS exam is currently £160, but the OET is £350.g…

    Sticky News
    Nursing Times - Nearly half of maternity units closed temporarily during 2016
    • Admin
    • Aug 08, 2017

    Nursing Times - Nearly half of maternity units closed temporarily during 2016

    From Nursing Times Nearly half of England’s maternity…
    Current advice on the IELTS exam
    • Admin
    • Nov 30, -0001

    Current advice on the IELTS exam

    From https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/joining-the-register/trained-outside-the-eueea/ielts/…

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